Pre-Production – Planning

Getting it right

Planning for good audio, lighting, and camera placement with a site-visit is critical. Getting the right equipment properly set up with plenty of room for things to change. That’s what it takes.

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Right people for the job

Having talented people in key positions makes all the difference. Having planned for the unexpected – which always happens – pays off but being an experienced improviser makes the ultimate difference.

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Post Production – Editing

The moment of truth

All the footage shot, now the magic happens. It’s where real experience comes in to take advantage of the unexpected, handle the unplanned, and turn it into a beautiful finished product.

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Need your footage edited? Send it to us over the internet. We can give you everything from quick turnaround to broadcast quality.

Amazing advances in video technology allow us to do far more with less, and the quality of video delivered on any platform has greatly improved. What hasn’t changed? Capturing great images with perfect audio, then creating a compelling story.